About Us

Our Vision

Be a great place to work at, which inspires people to do their very best. While also creating responsible citizens who make a difference by helping to build and support a sustainable community.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with an assortment of the highest Quality products by striving to identify the best & most experienced farmers, suppliers, manufacturers and logistic partners.

Importing from India raises questions among businesses and individuals about the Quality of product and processes employed.

At Trade Box, we intend to change the perception and aspire to deliver products which are better than the best. We are determined to improve our offerings both in terms of Quality and Choice.

We categorize ourselves as a “New Age World Business” catering to the Global customer base of Health & Quality conscious business owners and individuals.

With a team of experts in every field ranging from Sales, Advertising and Business Management to Aerospace, Automotive and IT, we understand and acknowledge the importance of customer satisfaction while enhancing the potential for growth of the Indian Farmers Community.