Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts

The Cashew tree (Anacardium Occidentale), is a tropical evergreen native to the Americas but is now widely cultivated in Asia and Africa. It is a short, stocky, low-spreading, evergreen tropical tree. Four centuries ago, the adventurous Portuguese came sailing down the Indian coasts and brought with them this valuable treenut "Cashew", the Favorite nut of the world. Cashew came, conquered and took deep roots in the entire coastal region of India. Cashew found the Indian soil more homely than its homeland. Later it spread as a popular crop to other parts of India.

Cashew kernels is consumed all over the world as a premium snack and nowadays more used as a preferred ingredient due to its excellent flavour and unique texture in large array of foods like sweets, dates, ice-creams and so on. It can be dry or oil roasted, salted, coated with chocolate, spices , honey etc.

Stages of Processing

Raw Cashew Nuts (Seeds) ---> Roasting (at 100 C for 10 mins) ---> Shelling ---> Drying (In Borma for 12 hours at 80 C) ---> Cooling ---> Peeling ---> Grading --> Cashew kernels ---> Packing

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