An Essential part of human history... Grapes have been grown through centuries and have been central to Greek, Roman and the poetic history of the Middle East representing aristocracy, authority and divine love.

Grapes have been grown for the table throughout human history and are central to every culture where they have been cultivated. Encompassing red, green and black varieties making them quintessential fruits.

Typically requiring hot and dry climate Table grapes grow well in well drained soil with under large amounts of irrigation water. India produces a multiple varieties of grapes with low acidity and brix levels of 17-19. The state of Maharashtra dominates the commercial grape production within the country today. Thompson Seedless is by far the most popular variety... crunchy... sweet... so very easy to eat.

Preservation tips for the customer:

Grapes can be preserved in the refrigerator for a period of 10 to 15 days on average. Any grapes showing evidence of spoilage (browning) should be removed immediately because the spoilage may spread. It is recommended that grapes be placed in a plastic bag to minimize dehydration. Finally, it is advisable to wash them right before serving, and never before.

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Corrugated Fiber Board (CFB) Boxes
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