Mango... affectionately called "King of Fruits" has a considerable presence in the religious and spiritual heritage of India. This National fruit of India has won the hearts of many around the world with its sweet fragrance and delectable flavour is produced in almost every state in India.

At Trade Box we proudly bring to you Indian varieties like the Alphonso, Dasheri, Kesar among others that are currently in demand in the International market.
All of our mangoes are purchased directly from the farmers... Guaranteed to be Handpicked, Carbide Free, Carefully packed and Certified for Genuinity adhering to the present food grade standards. Additionally, we do not use middlemen in our business, resulting in a transparent supply chain and seamless delivery line. Our products are not available in retail, we concentrate on bulk trade orders and are extremely committed towards their timely delivery.

Preservation tips for the customer:

A ripe mango will yield a bit when pressed gently and will emit a delicate fragrance. Unripe mangoes will lose their green complexion as they mature. At room temperature, it can take a green mango up to a week to ripen — you can speed this up by placing the fruit in a paper bag. Store ripe mangoes in the refrigerator, where they should keep for at least a week.

Shipping: By Air


Middle East Netherlands / Germany U.K. Japan USA
Variety Alphonso
Wt : 200-250 gm
Wt: 200-250 gm
Wt: 250-300 gm
Wt: 225-250 gm
Wt: 250-300 gm
Wt: 225-250 gm
Wt: 250-300 gm Wt: 250-300 gm
Packing 1 Doz/2.5 kg 1 Doz/2.5 kg 1 Doz/2.5 kg 1 Doz/3.5 kg 1 Doz/3.5 kg
Storage Temperature 130C 130C 130C 130C 130C
Export By Sea By Air By Air By Air By Air

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