Onion is a common kitchen-garden plant. It is propagated by seeds or sets. Believed to have been domesticated in central Asia. Onions were used as early as 5,000 years ago in Egypt, as depicted on ancient monuments; ancient Greek and Roman records also refer to the onion. During the Middle Ages, onions were consumed throughout Europe. Columbus was said to have brought the onion to America. Onion adds basic flavouring in the kitchen. It is used as a vegetable or as a spice to bring out the flavour of other dishes without overpowering them. It often accompanies meat - especially meat dishes such as shepherds pie and meatloaf which would be insipid without it.

As we believe in providing quality products that are close to nature, we conduct various stringent quality tests under the supervision of experts. These tests are performed with due care from the very initial stages of procurement of the products to the final stage of delivery to our customers.

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