Commonly known as Chikoo, Sapodilla is the fruit of the plant family Sapotaceae. Far from being the prettiest fruit, the Sapodilla more than overcompensates for its stodgy potato-like appearance with its heavenly marzipan taste. The main profile is sugary but grounded with earthy caramel having malty notes instead of bright and zesty ones. It's texture is melt-in-your-mouth granular, akin to the best pear without as much juice. Sapodilla is mainly cultivated in India for its fruit value, while in South East Mexico, Guatemala and other countries it is commercially grown for the production of chickle that is used for preparation of chewing gum. Sapodillas are as common and beloved in India as strawberries are to Westerners.

How to select Sapodillas:

Choose a smooth fruit with intact skin that has no cracks, bruises or wrinkles. Once ripe the fruit yields to a gentle thumb press.

Preservation tips for the customer:

Mature but unripe fruit should be kept at room temperature until they are ripe. Ripe fruits can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Shipping: By Air and Sea

Packing: 5 kg Box Packing


Middle East Europe
Variety Cricket Ball, Kalipatti Solo 3 Kg 5 Kg
Packing 5 Kg
Storage Temp 15-200C 15-200C
Transport By Sea By Air

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